Our company has the production methods in conformity with international standards in order to manage the production processes of the products of the aviation and defense industries in a fast and accurate manner. High precision machining, surface improvement operations, precise mechanical assembly operations, standards-compliant packaging, etc. are implemented in GES engineering in accordance with customer requirements. One of the most important processes in this field, precision machining, our company can produce parts with a precision of 0.001 mm and we deliver the products we produce from aluminum alloys, steel alloys, inconel, tool steels, titanium and other high alloy materials to our customers at low cost and on time.
Thanks to the expert team that has worked in different positions in the defense and aerospace industry in the past, we provide services to the international companies in the areas of design, precision mechanical manufacturing and quality control. In addition, we can support our customers in projecting, cost reduction and design improvement studies in line with the desires of our customers