Since we have been in different positions in different institutions of the Turkish Defense Industry for many years, we have a great experience in designing the products according to the needs of the sector and the needs in this direction. In this direction, we have design projects that we have carried out with the leading institutions of Turkish defense industry such as ASELSAN, FNSS. In addition, the parts used to install the AIM-9 missile system, which was previously supplied from abroad, to the F-16 fighter aircraft were localized by our company and delivered to the customer. In the tests made by the customer, the parts have successfully passed through all the tests and entered into the inventory.


Our company is active in the production field especially for the production of the products of Aviation and Defense Industries. Precision machining with high precision, precise mechanical assembly processes, welded manufacturing processes are implemented in GES engineering in accordance with customer requirements. One of the most important processes in this sector, precision machining, our company can produce parts with precision of 0.003 mm. We deliver to our customers products we produce from aluminum alloys, steel alloys, inconel, tool steels, titanium and other high-alloy materials.


Thanks to its high product quality and services, GES Engineering is able to best meet the changing customer and industry expectations. At GES Engineering, we constantly maintain our commitment to be a perfectionist in order to maximize customer satisfaction. Thanks to this commitment, we have received ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certificate by the year 2013. By 2017, we also have received AS9100 Quality Certificate.