Thanks to our quality policy in the design and production process, all quality control processes are supported and recorded in procedures. In this respect, our engineering power is developing day by day and we are able to meet customer expectations and requirements more effectively.

We are improving our production capacity every day by using our engineering power effectively in the whole production process. Thanks to our subcontractors who are our business partners, we can meet the expectations of our customers in designing and producing the parts that need to be produced with very different production methods.

Our engineering team uses state-of-the-art design software. In line with the customer’s request, our design team can carry out joint work with the employees of our customers.
Since we have been in different positions in different institutions of the Turkish Defense Industry for many years, we have a great experience in designing the products according to the needs of the sector and the needs in this direction. In this direction, we have design projects that we have carried out with the leading institutions of Turkish defense industry such as ASELSAN, FNSS. In addition, the parts used to install the AIM-9 missile system, which was previously supplied from abroad, to the F-16 fighter aircraft were localized by our company and delivered to the customer. In the tests made by the customer, the parts have successfully passed through all the tests and entered into the inventory.

• Mechanical and Electronic Design,
• Hydraulic Design,
• Static and Dynamic Analysis,
• Thermal Analysis
• Vibration Analysis,
• Mechanical Simulation,
• Testing Systems Design,
• Installation Fixture Design,
• Measurement Fixture Design,