GES Engineering was established in 2013 in Ankara – OSTİM Organize Sanayi. Aerospace and defense industry in the field of precision mechanical manufacturing, design and assembly is operating in the field. In order to meet customer requirements in the best possible way, we are working to present our creative solutions to our customers at the most reasonable prices. Our company, with its strong engineering knowledge and experienced technical staff, is cost-effective to meet the requirements of our customers in design, prototype production and mass production fields.
Our strong design and manufacturing capability allows us to fully meet all requirements from our customers. Constantly growing structure, reliability, high quality control systems with our company is becoming a brand in its own field.



As of March of 2016, we continue to serve our customers in our new factory with 3000 m2 closed area in Anadolu OSB.
As of July 2016, we have 43 employees;

  • 15 Engineers
  • 2 Undergraduate Graduate
  • 23 Technician
  • 3 Serving Staff






Our expertise is the design, production and assembly of products that are used in the aerospace and defense industry. Thanks to our experience in Aviation and Defense Industry, which we have been in different positions for many years, we are able to serve our customers worldwide without any problems. Due to our product quality and the importance we place on customer satisfaction and the dedication of our employees, the requirements specified by our customers can best be fulfilled. Our company is able to respond to requests quickly in the production of parts that require machining, casting, molded production, bending, heat treatment, assembly, coating and painting in the direction of customer orders. Thanks to the expert team that has worked in different positions in the defense and aerospace industry in the past, we provide services to the international companies in the areas of design, precision mechanical manufacturing and quality control. In addition, we can support our customers in projecting, cost reduction and design improvement studies in line with the desires of our customers.